N009 – Rough Terrain Lift Truck

The aim of training candidates on N009 – Rough Terrain Lift Truck is to provide them with basic knowledge and practical skills to NPORS high standard. (National Plant Operators Registration Scheme)

All candidates will be trained and tested Allenby Training Ltd accredited Instructors.

Training also includes theory and practical test.

On successful completion of the NPORS assessments you will be issued with NPORS certification.

All candidates must have undertaken a Health and Safety Touch Screen Theory Test within the last 2 years.

CITB Grant possibly available to levy payers.

Novice Training

To be discussed on an individual basis

Experienced Worker Test – upon successful completion the candidate will be able to:


  • Interpret the given information relating to the use of rough terrain masted forklifts to lift, transfer and place loads
  • Organise with others the sequence and operation in which rough terrain masted forklift operations are to be carried out.
  • Know how to comply with relevant legislation and official guidance when carrying out lifting and transferring loads with rough terrain masted forklifts.
  • Maintain safe working practices when preparing for and carrying out forklift operations with rough terrain masted types.
  • Request and select the required quantity and quality of resources to prepare for and carry out forklift operations with rough terrain masted types.
  • Minimise the risk of damage to the work and surrounding area when lifting and transferring loads.
  • Complete the work within the allocated time when preparing to and lifting and transferring loads.
  • Comply with the given contract information to lift, transfer and place loads using rough terrain masted forklifts to the required specification.


What Our Customers Say.....

An organised, reliable and well communicated training experience, from the initial contact through to the learners experience.  Whether it’s at your depot or theirs the service is well run and hassle free.  No matter what the query I throw at them, they are always happy to assist and thoroughly explain all the information I may need.  I have built a good working relationship with them and look forward to utilising their superior services.

Mark Archer -KIER