A40 – Slinger / Signaller

Upon successful completion of the Theory and Practical Tests on A40 – Slinger / Signaller, you will be issued with a Red Trained Operator Card.

This card is valid for two years during which time you would need to undertake an NVQ to be able to upgrade to the Blue Competent Operators Card.

(All candidates must have undertaken a Health and Safety Touch Screen Theory Test within the last 2 years.)

CITB Grant possibly available to levy payers.


To be discussed on an individual basis dependant on levels of experience.

Qualifications Available:

A40A    Slinger / Signaller – All Types – All Duties
A40B    Slinger / Signaller – All Types – Static Duties
A40C    Slinger / Signaller – Knuckle Boom – Static Duties
A4OD    Slinger / Signaller – Excavator (180° and 360°)
A40E    Slinger / Signaller – Lift Trucks

What Our Customers Say.....

An organised, reliable and well communicated training experience, from the initial contact through to the learners experience.  Whether it’s at your depot or theirs the service is well run and hassle free.  No matter what the query I throw at them, they are always happy to assist and thoroughly explain all the information I may need.  I have built a good working relationship with them and look forward to utilising their superior services.

Mark Archer -KIER