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Telephone Enquiries: 01522 548559

Allenby Training Headquarters

Allenby Training Services Limited
23 Crofton Road
Allenby Industrial Estate

Postal Enquiries,
Training Centre,
Touch Screen (Theory) Test Centre

Wigsley Training Centre

Allenby Training Services Limited
Plotwood Stables
Thorney Road
NG23 7ER

Extended training site you will be advised if you are required to visit this location

What Our Customers Say.....

An organised, reliable and well communicated training experience, from the initial contact through to the learners experience.  Whether it’s at your depot or theirs the service is well run and hassle free.  No matter what the query I throw at them, they are always happy to assist and thoroughly explain all the information I may need.  I have built a good working relationship with them and look forward to utilising their superior services.

Mark Archer -KIER